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Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone destapa la conspiración Pokémon GO

Semana.com - ‎hace 3 horas‎
Las teorías de conspiración no son una novedad ni una fantasía para el director Oliver Stone, que incluso las ha convertido en tema de sus películas, como en su recordada versión del asesinato del presidente John F. Kennedy. En el marco del Comic Con ...

Oliver Stone sobre Pokémon Go: No es divertido, estamos ante un ...

CubaDebate - ‎25 jul. 2016‎
El director de cine Oliver Stone ha aprovechado la presentación de su próxima película sobre el extrabajador de la CIA Edward Snowden para cargar contra el juego para móviles de realidad aumentada Pokémon Go, que ha sido descargado más de 30 ...

“Snowden”, la última película de Oliver Stone

La Tribuna Hispana - ‎24 jul. 2016‎
Edward Snowden dice que la dramatización de su historia en la película “Snowden” de Oliver Stone es “bastante precisa”. Snowden apareció en vivo en la Comic-Con desde Moscú, vía Google Hangouts, para responder preguntas del público tras la primera ...

Oliver Stone advierte que «Pokémon Go nos llevará al totalitarismo»

Pueblo en Linea - ‎24 jul. 2016‎
San Diego,25/07/2016(El Pueblo en Línea)-El polémico director de cine Oliver Stone es uno de los pocos que no ha caído en la tentación de descargar en su teléfono el videojuego de realidad aumentada «Pokémon Go», todo un fenómeno de masas que, ...

Oliver Stone Calls Pokémon Go “Totalitarian”

Fortune - ‎23 jul. 2016‎
Director Oliver Stone appeared at San Diego Comic Con on Thursday to promote his film Snowden. While on the topic of surveillance, the panel, also including Zachary Quinto and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, was asked to opine on the Pokémon Go phenomenon.

Snowden: new trailer for Oliver Stone's thriller starring Joseph ...

The Guardian - ‎22 jul. 2016‎
The latest look at Oliver Stone's real-life espionage drama concentrates on Edward Snowden's (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) relationships - with his girlfriend (played by Shailene Woodley) and with the journalists and film-maker in whom he confides: Glenn ...

Oliver Stone Warns Against Surveillance Capitalism and 'Pokémon Go'

Truthdig - ‎27 jul. 2016‎
Controversy and Oliver Stone have never been strange bedfellows. He courted it with movies like “JFK,” “Nixon” and “Natural Born Killers,” and last week, he made headlines in the unlikely milieu of Comic-Con, where he spoke about the dangers of ...

Pokémon Go nos está convirtiendo en una 'sociedad robot', dice ...

Publimetro Mexico (blog) - ‎22 jul. 2016‎
¡Gana! Publicado : Hoy 01:44 h. Pokémon Go nos está convirtiendo en una 'sociedad robot', dice Oliver Stone. pokemon-go-is-turning-us-into-robot-society-. Pokémon Go no es todo diversión y juegos, de acuerdo con el director de Snowden, Oliver Stone.

Oliver Stone's Snowden, about NSA whistle-blower, to premiere at ...

South China Morning Post - ‎26 jul. 2016‎
Director Antoine Fuqua's remake of the 1960s Western The Magnificent Seven is expected to kick off the Toronto International Film Festival on September 8, which will include movies about whistle-blower Edward Snowden and former US president Lyndon ...

Oliver Stone calls 'Pokemon Go' 'surveillance capitalism'

Los Angeles Times - ‎21 jul. 2016‎
A drama about Edward Snowden may seem an unlikely fit for a convention devoted to comic book heroes and sci-fi and fantasy spectacle.

Fund Drive Special: Oliver Stone's Untold History

kpfa 94.1fm - ‎28 jul. 2016‎
UHposter We play excerpts from Oliver Stone's compelling documentary series “The Untold History of the United States.

Oliver Stone Says 'Pokemon Go' Is 'Surveillance Capitalism'

TheWrap - ‎21 jul. 2016‎
Oliver Stone participated in his first even panel in the massive Hall H in the San Diego Convention Center Thursday - and when the Q&A session was opened up to the audience, somebody of course asked him about “Pokemon Go.

Comic-Con Day 1: Oliver Stone says studios' boards led to ...

Las Vegas Review-Journal - ‎21 jul. 2016‎
SAN DIEGO - Director Oliver Stone said Thursday at Comic-Con that every major movie studio turned down his narrative film about Edward Snowden because of censorship from their corporate leaders.

Edward Snowden Joins Oliver Stone and 'Snowden' Cast Via Video ...

CBS 8 San Diego - ‎21 jul. 2016‎
The 33-year-old computer expert, who gained notoriety when he leaked classified documents detailing the U.S. government's domestic surveillance programs, called in via Google Hangouts to answer questions about the Oliver Stone-directed film, Snowden.

'Snowden' Comic-Con: Oliver Stone Unveils New Trailer, Slams ...

Deadline - ‎21 jul. 2016‎
A spirited discussion of civil liberties, privacy and the role of government in the lives of Americans was the order of business during today' Snowden panel in Hall H at Comic-Con.

EXCLUSIVE: Zachary Quinto Addresses Oliver Stone's Pokémon Go ...

Yahoo TV (blog) - ‎21 jul. 2016‎
While many of Quinto's colleagues are all for the latest craze, Snowden's director and writer, Oliver Stone, doesn't appear to be a fan.

Comic-Con kicks off with a new look at Oliver Stone's 'Snowden'

Digital Trends - ‎22 jul. 2016‎
It might seem a little strange to feature a trailer for Oliver Stone's Snowden as one of the big previews on the first day of Comic-Con International in San Diego, but the audience for Comic-Con goes well beyond superheroes and sci-fi these days.

Oliver Stone says studios' boards led to 'Snowden' rejection

Redding Record Searchlight - ‎23 jul. 2016‎
SAN DIEGO (AP) - Director Oliver Stone said Thursday at Comic-Con that every major movie studio turned down his narrative film about Edward Snowden because of censorship from their corporate leaders.

Comic-Con Wrap-up: Winners, Losers, Pokémon Go

Vulture - ‎25 jul. 2016‎
I can't tell you whether Oliver Stone felt welcome at the very un–Oliver Stone Comic-Con, but he certainly made his presence felt, bemoaning Pokémon Go in Hall H and beaming in Edward Snowden, via a lagging Google Hangouts connection direct from his ...

Comic-Con: Oliver Stone's 'Snowden' to Hold Secret Screening

Hollywood Reporter - ‎18 jul. 2016‎
Oliver Stone's Snowden is getting a screening worthy of its enigmatic subject. The film, which stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as whistleblower Edward Snowden, will be shown for the first time at a secret screening Thursday during San Diego Comic-Con, The ...