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Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney no será aspirante a la Casa Blanca como candidato ...

HSB Noticias - ‎18 may. 2016‎
Mitt Romney, excandidato presidencial republicano en 2012, anunció que no aspirará como independiente este año a la Casa Blanca y que dejará de buscar un posible candidato alternativo a Donald Trump. El excandidato presidencial republicano ha ...

Mitt Romney, Run for President By David French

National Review Online - ‎hace 2 horas‎
Let's be clear about our nation's plight: At this moment, American voters face a choice between two historically corrupt, dishonest, and incompetent politicians.

Hillary Clinton y Mitt Romney cuestionan impuestos de Donald Trump

La Prensa - ‎11 may. 2016‎
La precandidata presidencial demócrata Hillary Clinton se lanzó el miércoles contra Donald Trump por su declaración fiscal y rápidamente le apareció un aliado inesperado: el candidato presidencial del Partido Republicano en 2012 Mitt Romney.

Is it time to ask Mitt Romney to run?

Chicago Tribune - ‎24 may. 2016‎
Romney is, after all, the definitive turnaround specialist. He could run on just four things: a bipartisan pro-growth package; restore the military and U.S.

Could anti-Trump mood lead to Mitt Romney candidacy? | Opinion

NJ.com - ‎hace 22 horas‎
So when does the search turn to Mitt Romney? Conservatives, even those not all that enamored of him in 2012, are beginning to entertain that possibility.

Here's who would support Mitt Romney over Donald Trump and ...

Washington Post - ‎23 may. 2016‎
We understand that Mitt Romney almost certainly won't run for president as an independent this year. There are a lot of reasons why not, including the fact that Romney has given almost no indication that he plans to do so.

Newt Gingrich Rips Mitt Romney's 'Pathetic' Anti-Trump Effort

Wall Street Journal (blog) - ‎23 may. 2016‎
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich Monday lambasted Mitt Romney for his failed drive to derail GOP front-runner Donald Trump, calling his actions “pathetic” and his effort “not particularly effective.

Win Or Lose, A Third Party Run Would Be Mitt Romney's Greatest ...

Daily Caller - ‎22 may. 2016‎
Anti-Trump conservatives have so far been unsuccessful in recruiting a candidate to mount a third party run against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Erick Erickson: 'I Think the Time Has Come for Mitt Romney'–Politico

Breitbart News - ‎20 may. 2016‎
Not only does Erick Erickson want Mitt Romney to restart a search for a third-party candidate to challenge Donald Trump, he also wants Romney to consider being that person.

Is it time to ask Romney to run?

Washington Post (blog) - ‎23 may. 2016‎
So when does the search turn to Mitt Romney? Conservatives, even those not all that enamored of him in 2012, are beginning to entertain that possibility.

The roots of Mitt Romney's anti-Trump fervor

Yahoo News - ‎18 may. 2016‎
Mitt Romney has ruled out an independent bid for president and is not actively recruiting any more potential candidates to do so at the moment, though he remains hopeful someone will emerge, allies told Yahoo News Tuesday.

Notable & Quotable: Mitt Romney on Donald Trump's Tax Returns

Wall Street Journal - ‎17 may. 2016‎
Notable & Quotable: Mitt Romney on Donald Trump's Tax Returns. 'There is only one logical explanation for Mr. Trump's refusal to release his returns: there is a bombshell in them.

Lewandowski Talks Trump's Tax Returns & Rate, Romney, VP ...

RealClearPolitics - ‎24 may. 2016‎
"Don't forget, Mitt Romney waited until 30 days before a general election to release his taxes... If you remember, Harry Reid went on the [Senate] floor and basically forced Mitt Romney to release those taxes. Mitt Romney's taxes were not under audit ...

Bill Kristol: Trump And Clinton "Are Scared" Of My Third Party Idea ...

RealClearPolitics - ‎22 may. 2016‎
When you throw Mitt Romney's name in (someone who hasn't run in four years, probably isn't the ideal, in a way, third party candidate, though an impressive man who I think would be a good alternative to Clinton or Trump).

Donald Trump's refusal to release tax returns 'disqualifying' says Mitt ...

The Guardian - ‎12 may. 2016‎
Donald Trump's refusal to release his tax returns is “disqualifying” for a presidential candidate, his predecessor as Republican nominee Mitt Romney has said. “There is only one logical explanation for Mr Trump's refusal to release his returns: there ...

Redstate Founder: Believe It Or Not, The Country Needs Mitt Romney

Western Journalism - ‎21 may. 2016‎
One name that has been tossed around is 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Romney has said he would not run, but until recently, he had been involved in trying to recruit a third-party candidate.

Tennessee Man Found Guilty Of Mitt Romney Tax Return Hack ...

Dark Reading - ‎16 may. 2016‎
A 37-year old man from Tennessee was found guilty of extortion and wire fraud by a federal grand jury in Nashville May 12 for threatening to release the income tax returns of former 2012 U.S.

Mitt Romney's War on Donald Trump

Patheos (blog) - ‎19 may. 2016‎
Mitt Romney has probably been the loudest Republican voice against Donald Trump. He has ruled out mounting an independent run against Trump himself, but he's tried to get everyone from John Kasich to Mark Cuban to do so.

Mitt Romney Could Be Helping To Elect A Third-Party Candidate To ...

Bustle - ‎14 may. 2016‎
The 2012 Republican nominee hasn't been secretive about his distaste for Donald Trump, but it's starting to be clear how much Mitt Romney doesn't want the Donald to move into the White House. According to the Washington Post, Romney is allegedly ...

The Libertarian Party Chairman Explains Why the Romney Third ...

Slate Magazine (blog) - ‎12 may. 2016‎
A Mitt Romney, or a Rick Perry, or a Tom Coburn, or anybody could join the party, probably get on star power alone 30 people to nominate them, but then you have to get a majority of close to 1,000 Libertarians to decide that you're Libertarian enough ...