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Japón: la limpieza de Fukushima 'podría tomar 40 años'

CNN en Español - ‎11 feb. 2016‎
160211103357-03-japan-fukushima-cleanup-0210-exlarge-169 1 de 6 | Un empleado de TEPCO pasa junto al reactor número 1 de la central nuclear de Fukushima Daiichi el 10 de febrero de 2016. El próximo mes, Japón marcará el quinto aniversario de la ...

Japón quiere contener contaminación nuclear en Fukushima

Publimetro Chile - ‎12 feb. 2016‎
A casi cinco años de que ocurriera un colapso en la planta nuclear Fukushima Dai-ichi de Japón, ocasionado por un terremoto y un tsunami, se encontró la manera de contener la contaminación nuclear. La idea se trata de un “muro de hielo” subterráneo ...

La radiactividad alrededor de Fukushima ha disminuido un 65 % desde el accidente

ÚltimaHora.com - ‎4 feb. 2016‎
La radiactividad alrededor de Fukushima ha disminuido un 65 % desde el accidente. Los niveles de radiactividad en un radio de 80 kilómetros alrededor de la planta nuclear de Fukushima han disminuido en un 65 por ciento desde la catástrofe nuclear ...

Ciencia y Tecnología Menos radiactividad alrededor de Fukushima

el Imparcial - ‎7 feb. 2016‎
También ha disminuido la radiación en las áreas que registraban niveles de entre 0.1 y 1.9 microsieverts, en localidades al sur de las prefecturas de Miyagi y Fukushima y al norte de la colindante Ibaraki, según el informe de la NRA. El regulador ...

Fukushima completa el 10 por ciento de su desmantelamiento 5 años después del accidente.

Postlatino - ‎10 feb. 2016‎
Completan las instalaciones para crear un "muro helado" subterráneo en Fukushima Un periodista vestido con un traje de protección y mascarilla observa el edificio del reactor 3 de la central nuclear de Fukushima Daiichi, en la localidad de Okuma, ...

Environment Minister apologizes for Fukushima radiation gaffe

La prensa - ‎12 feb. 2016‎
Japan's Environment Minister Tamayo Marukawa said Friday she has apologized to the Fukushima prefecture governor Masao Uchibori for comments she had made which were regarded as insensitive towards those struggling with the results of the 2011 ...

The Fukushima Disaster and Nuclear Power in Japan: 'If You Love Your Country, Let Nuclear Go!'

Center for Research on Globalization - ‎hace 15 horas‎
Nuclear power is a uniquely hazardous technology that can destroy entire nations, Japan's prime minister Naoto Kan at the time of the Fukushima nuclear disaster has warned British MPs. The lessons of from such catastrophes must be heeded in other ...

Japan: Fukushima clean-up may take up to 40 years, plant's operator says

CNN - ‎11 feb. 2016‎
"If I may put this in terms of mountain climbing, we've just passed the first station on a mountain of 10 stations," said Akira Ono, head of the Fukushima plant. It's almost five years since the earthquake and the tsunami it triggered killed more than ...

Environmentalist: Belgium ignoring lessons of Chernobyl and Fukushima

EurActiv - ‎hace 19 horas‎
Construction of a €1.5 billion sarcophagus for Chernobyl's reactor 4 continues. It is hoped that there will not have to be another disaster for change to happen.

10000 jumbo squid washed up dead in Chile (no, it's not Fukushima)

Earth Touch - ‎11 feb. 2016‎
The large cephalopods (Dosidicus gigas), sometimes called “jumbo squid” or “red devils”, have been documented stranding like this since 2002, nearly a decade before the Fukushima disaster occurred. As in the case of starfish wasting syndrome and many ...

DOCUMENT. Cinq ans après Fukushima, les riverains reviennent dans les villes irradiées

TF1 - ‎hace 9 horas‎
Pendant cinq ans, les habitants de Naraha, ville située à 20 kilomètres de Fukushima, ont bénéficié d'un logement d'urgence. Depuis peu, le gouvernement a décrété que la zone était redevenue habitable. Tout autour des maisons, l'herbe a été coupée mais ...

External radiation doses in Fukushima comparable to those of Europe: study

The Japan Times - ‎8 feb. 2016‎
Because natural background radiation levels in Fukushima are lower than the world's average, even when the extra radiation dose from the nuclear disaster is added, the external exposure of Fukushima residents did not differ significantly from those ...

Film: Doris Dörrie: Fukushima ist unser aller Katastrophe

FOCUS Online - ‎hace 15 horas‎
Fünf Jahre nach der Reaktorkatastrophe von Fukushima will Erfolgsregisseurin Doris Dörrie („Männer“) mit ihrem neuen Film Solidarität mit den Menschen in Japan bekunden. „Diese Katastrophe ist nicht die Katastrophe Japans, das ist unsere. Und dieses ...

Japan: Fukushima clean-up 'may take 40 years'

WBAL Baltimore - ‎11 feb. 2016‎
"If I may put this in terms of mountain climbing, we've just passed the first station on a mountain of 10 stations," said Akira Ono, head of the Fukushima plant. It's almost five years since the earthquake and the tsunami it triggered killed more than ...

Chilling Fukushima pictures show ghost town abandoned in aftermath of massive nuclear disaster

Mirror.co.uk - ‎6 feb. 2016‎
A gigantic 50ft wave swamped the seawall at the Fukushima power plant, sparking equipment failures and allowing radioactive materials to escape.

Chief optimistic Tepco earnings can cover Fukushima plant clean-up

Financial Times - ‎7 feb. 2016‎
His comments highlight the tension between Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's goals of making Tepco pay for the Fukushima clean-up following one of the world's worst nuclear accidents and boosting Japan's competitiveness by opening up the electricity market.

'Voluntary' Fukushima evacuees denounce end of free housing, new assistance plan

Asahi Shimbun - ‎8 feb. 2016‎
The Fukushima prefectural government is maintaining its plan to terminate the free housing program for “voluntary” evacuees from the nuclear disaster despite a barrage of criticism and complaints expressed during an explanatory meeting.

How Kurion Plans to Clean Up Fukushima's Tritium Nuclear Waste

Bloomberg - ‎4 feb. 2016‎
To show it can handle the tritium at Fukushima, Kurion brought a large-scale demo online at its Richland, Wash., office late last year.

Japanese cab drivers claim to have ghost passengers in Fukushima tsunami zone

International Business Times AU - ‎9 feb. 2016‎
After the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami that shook Japan and caused a meltdown of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant, seven taxi drivers in the prefecture claimed having ghost passengers.

Fukushima, Chernobyl, Santa Susana, San Onofre… and Rocky Flats

San Diego Free Press - ‎10 feb. 2016‎
You could look to Fukushima or Chernobyl and draw your own conclusions of risk. You could look to the ongoing debate over how safe nuclear power really is and how we think we're in control of nuclear technology, but refuse to prepare for the unexpected.