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Curiosity ofrece una espectacular panorámica en 360º desde Marte (Vídeo)

Informe21.com - ‎28 abr. 2016‎
El vehículo espacial de exploración en Marte, el Curiosity, alcanzó con éxito en las últimas semanas uno de los puntos más altos del planeta rojo y obtuvo una espectacular panorámica virtual de 360 grados de su rugosa superficie, informó el Laboratorio ...

Nasa releases stunning 360-degree view of Mars taken by Curiosity rover

Telegraph.co.uk - ‎28 abr. 2016‎
Nasa have released a stunning 360-degree panorama acquired by the Mastcam on the space agency's Curiosity Mars rover on April 4, 2016.

Curiosity Cores Hole in Mars at 'Lubango' Fracture Zone

Universe Today - ‎28 abr. 2016‎
Curiosity rover reached out with robotic arm and drilled into 'Lubango' outcrop target on Sol 1320, Apr. 23, 2016, in this photo mosaic stitched from navcam camera raw images and colorized.

Quick Curiosity update, sol 1320: "Lubango," the 10th drill site on Mars

The Planetary Society (blog) - ‎25 abr. 2016‎
Curiosity has drilled into Mars for the 10th time at a site named Lubango, on sol 1320 (April 23, 2016). Lubango is in a bright-toned halo around a crack in the Stimson sandstone unit on the western edge of the Naukluft Plateau.

Increased curiosity is the 'silver lining' of a quarter life and midlife crisis

Science Daily - ‎28 abr. 2016‎
Dr Robinson said: "Our previous research using interviews shows it can be common for someone to undergo a period of emotional difficulty and instability which leads them to be more curious than usual about who they are and what their place in the world is.

Dellen Millard's ex-girlfriend claims she had no curiosity about his 'mission'

Toronto Star - ‎27 abr. 2016‎
Dellen Millard's ex-girlfriend claims she had no curiosity about his 'mission'. Christina Noudga, now 24, is a key witness in the case against Millard and Mark Smich, who are on trial in the death of Ancaster dad Tim Bosma.

Grâce à Curiosity, visionnez à 360° le plateau Naukluft sur Mars

Sciences et Avenir - ‎hace 21 horas‎
Depuis la fin du mois de mars 2016, le rover Curiosity, qui explore la planète Rouge depuis 2012, a quitté le pied du Mont Sharp pour grimper sur le plateau Naukluft, un terrain particulièrement abrupt et accidenté. Mais un passage obligé, long de 400 ...

Couple's curiosity about Kentucky's 'Goatman' legend takes fatal turn on railroad trestle

Washington Post - ‎26 abr. 2016‎
By the time the young couple spotted the locomotive, bearing down the railroad trestle at over 30 miles an hour, they had no choice.

Sadness, loss won't dampen Alejandro Escovedo's curiosity

Cincinnati.com - ‎hace 10 horas‎
Alejandro Escovedo has spent the past couple of years careening between happiness and tragedy. When a person has packed as much living into 65 years as the Texas singer-songwriter has, acceptance is almost inevitable.

NASA parodė marsaeigiu „Curiosity“ nufilmuotą Marso kraterį: žvalgykitės 360 laipsnių

15min - ‎hace 22 horas‎
NASA taip pat parodė ir marsaeigio „Curiosity“ nuotraukas – vidurinio ir galinio ratų. Jos padarytos specialiai – norint įvertinti, kiek šis mechanizmas dar galės važiuoti. Nes viena didžiausių „Curiosity“ problemų – greitas ratų susidėvėjimas (dėl ...

Curiosity передал на Землю панораму миллиардов лет истории Марса

Российская Газета - ‎28 abr. 2016‎
Марсоход Curiosity успешно взобрался на одну из самых опасных в плане прохождения точек на вершине горы Шарп в кратере Гейл - плато Науклуфт - и сделал панорамные снимки, на которых видно, как менялся облик Красной планеты в ...

Curiosity, Marte a 360 gradi

Il sito dell'Agenzia Spaziale Italiana - ‎28 abr. 2016‎
Curiosity mette alla prova la sua resistenza attraversando l'area più accidentata dall'inizio della sua missione, l'Altopiano di Naukluft. Il rover ha iniziato la risalita dell'altopiano all'inizio di marzo dopo aver dedicato alcune sttimane allo ...


RT - ‎26 abr. 2016‎
MOSCOW, APRIL 19, 2016 - PwC published today an independent, RT-commissioned study on cross-border news trends in 10 countries. The results reveal significant growth in cross-border news consumption over the last decade and identify resource ...

Curiosity on Mars: A lecture with NASA's Doug Ming

Colorado State University News (press release) - ‎18 abr. 2016‎
The Mars Science Laboratory rover Curiosity has successfully explored the Gale crater on Mars for more than three Earth years.

Director of 'One Night Stand' Jasmine Moses D'Souza: Curiosity about sex is everywhere

Times of India - ‎26 abr. 2016‎
Curiosity about sex is everywhere , but you want to be this morally right person and say things against it. Initially, when the teaser of the film was out, there were a lot of reactions like - 'Can't we have something better'.

Curiosity obtém imagens evidenciando mudanças em Marte nos últimos 3 bilhões de anos

Sputnik Brasil - ‎28 abr. 2016‎
A agência espacial norte-americana NASA informou nesta quinta-feira (28) que o jipe-robô Curiosity escalou um dos pontos mais perigosos no topo do Monte Sharp, na cratera Gale, obtendo incríveis imagens panorâmicas que evidenciam as mudanças ...

Марсохід Curiosity передав на Землю панорамне зображення мільярдів років історії Марса

Дзеркало Тижня - ‎28 abr. 2016‎
Марсохід Curiosity подолав одну з найбільш складних ділянок на схилах гори Шарп і зробив панорамний знімок, перебуваючи на плато Науклуф. За словами дослідників, знімок дозволяє простежити за тим, як змінювалася поверхня Марса ...

Mars-Rover "Curiosity" erforscht neues Terrain

Hannoversche Allgemeine - ‎28 abr. 2016‎
Dieses Gefährt ist nicht kaputt zu kriegen: Der Marsrover "Curiosity", der eigentlich schon vor zwei Jahren in Rente gehen sollte, hat - trotz Löchern und Rissen in seinen Reifen - eine mehrmonatige Fahrt in neues Terrain überstanden. Nun soll er ...

This New Poster of Udta Punjab Will Increase your Curiosity Further!

PINKVILLA - ‎28 abr. 2016‎
The release of Abhishek Chaubey's Udta Punjab is nearing and the makers are leaving no stone in increasing the curiosity amongst the audience about the film. After revealing the character posters and the first trailer of the movie, a new poster of the ...

Combining curiosity with a desire to help

The MIT Tech - ‎20 abr. 2016‎
Jaramillo, a chemical engineering major, has learned a great deal since then, but during his time at MIT, he has never lost the intense curiosity he had as a child. Whether he is conducting chemistry research or running Camp Kesem, an overnight camp ...