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Apple Computer

From inexplicable mice to melting Macs: The 11 worst Apple ...

Macworld UK - ‎28 abr. 2016‎
You can learn an awful lot about where Apple is today by looking at some of the things that didn't work in the past; you can also see Apple's tenaciousness in making an idea (like fanless computers) work even after they've bombed. In this article we ...

Police: Apple employee died of self-inflicted gunshot wound

AOL News - ‎hace 18 horas‎
The victim, who was found on Wednesday deceased in a conference room at Apple's campus in Silicon Valley, was identified as 25-year-old Edward Thomas Mackowiak of Santa Clara, California.

We really wish Apple would start paying more attention to the Mac

BGR - ‎hace 8 horas‎
Apple last quarter experienced its first year-over-year drop in revenue since 2003. Not only that, but Apple saw a sales decline across all major product lines: iPhone sales were down 18%, iPad sales were down 19% and Mac sales were down 9%. With most ...

DISPATCH AUDIO: Employee found dead at Apple

KRON4.com - ‎27 abr. 2016‎
CUPERTINO (KRON) - The Santa Clara County Sheriff's department is investigating the discovery of a body at the Apple campus in Cupertino Wednesday morning.

Apple refreshes thin MacBook computer line

USA TODAY - ‎19 abr. 2016‎
NEW YORK - A year or so after Apple introduced the MacBook as the future of notebook computing, the company is refreshing its thinnest (13.1mm) and lightest (2 pound) laptop.

Mac + iPad revenue nosedives, adds to Apple's woes

Computerworld - ‎27 abr. 2016‎
Although weaker iPhone sales were certainly the biggest contributor to Apple's downturn in the March quarter, the Mac and iPad also failed to hold up their ends, an analyst contended today. "The trend line in Mac sales has been worsening consistently ...

Apple's CareKit and the AI future of medical care

Computerworld - ‎28 abr. 2016‎
Iodine Inc's Start app is an app for those suffering from depression. It provides a series of tests and tracking tools that patients can use in order to monitor how effective prescribed medication is being in treatment of their condition.

Mac sales tumble 12% in second-biggest downturn since '07

Computerworld - ‎27 abr. 2016‎
Cook said that Mac sales "met our sell-in expectations" and added that he remained optimistic about Apple's computer business, a sentiment a CEO is duty-bound to share. "We're confident in our Mac business and our ability to continue to innovate and ...

Schock bei Apple: Mitarbeiter begeht Selbstmord

COMPUTER BILD - ‎hace 20 horas‎
Schock bei Apple: Mitarbeiter begeht Selbstmord. von Rainer Schuldt, Leonie Butz. 29.04.2016, 14:01 Uhr Bei Apple hat sich ein tödliches Drama ereignet: Sicherheitskräfte fanden einen Mitarbeiter tot in einem Konferenzraum – es war Selbstmord.

El fundador olvidado de Apple que renunció a todo

Yahoo Finanzas España - ‎20 abr. 2016‎
Fue en ese momento, cuando Steve Jobs, dijo: "Vamos a crear una empresa Será la compañía Apple Computer. ' " Wayne escribió a máquina los documentos allí, para diversión de Woz, que no podía creer el talento de Wayne para ir confeccionando las ...

Apple Watch: Smartwatch verliert Marktanteile

COMPUTER BILD - ‎hace 18 horas‎
29.04.2016, 16:29 Uhr Laut einer Analyse von Marktexperten verkaufte Apple im ersten Quartal 2016 weniger Computeruhren als erwartet. Die Infos. ... Watch verliert Marktanteile © Apple. Ob Apple an einem Nachfolger seiner Smartwatch arbeitet, ist unklar.

Hallan muerto a un empleado de Apple en la sede de la compañía

RCN Radio (blog) - ‎27 abr. 2016‎
Agentes de la oficina del sheriff de Santa Clara recibieron una llamada del campus principal de Apple, en la ciudad californiana de Cupertino, en Silicon Valley, para que investigaran las informaciones sobre “un cuerpo en una sala de conferencias con ...

Marktforscher: Jede zweite Smartwatch kommt von Apple

Mac & i - ‎29 abr. 2016‎
Der noch junge Markt für Computer-Uhren zeigt kräftiges Wachstum, Apple hat der Schätzung zufolge allein 2,2 Millionen Computer-Uhren im ersten Quartal ausgeliefert. Der Marktanteil der Apple Watch sei aber rückläufig. Die Nachfrage nach Uhren mit ...

Apple Inc. Needs to Refresh Its MacBook Air and Pro Products

Motley Fool - ‎27 abr. 2016‎
Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), which is known for its iPhone, iPad, and Mac product lines, saw sales of its popular Mac computers drop 9% year over year in its most recent quarter. Units were actually down 12% year over year, implying that average selling prices ...

Apple: Carl Icahn verkauft seine Anteile

COMPUTER BILD - ‎hace 21 horas‎
Bei Apple stieg der Milliardär jetzt aus - die Risiken in China seien ihm zu groß, sagte Icahn am Donnerstag im TV-Sender CNBC. Die Behörden könnten „einschreiten und es für Apple sehr schwierig machen, dort zu verkaufen”, erklärte der Milliardär.

Why We Should Be Very Pleased With Apple's 2016 MacBook

The Mac Observer - ‎20 abr. 2016‎
If they, perhaps, were to intern with Apple from the design to shipment phase, they'd see how factors such as a fanless design, the battery capacity (41 watt-hour), the best available processors from Intel, and the interior remaining space (and ...

The Apple Car is the company's road to the future

Macworld - ‎21 abr. 2016‎
There was a time when Apple was a computer company. It made computers, and accessories for those computers, and that was it. Then came the iPod, and things started to change. With the iPhone and iPad, it became clear: Apple was not just a maker of ...

curved/labs' concept restores apple's egg-shaped iMac for today's ...

Designboom (blog) - ‎22 abr. 2016‎
with apple's world wide developers conference (WWDC) slated for june 13 2016, curved/labs asked themselves: what if apple focused on the educational market with a desktop computer? curvedlabs-emac-apple-desktop-computer-concept-designboom-02.

It's not just Apple that saw its smartphone sales decline: report

Computer Dealer News - ‎28 abr. 2016‎
While a drop in sales in iPhones is a significant setback for Apple's image, Juniper attributes the decline in sales to a “larger than expected success” of the iPhone 6 in 2015.

Apple Music: Android-App mit Familien-Abo

COMPUTER BILD - ‎hace 19 horas‎
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