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Apple Computer

Apple's Blast from the Past?

snopes.com - ‎hace 4 horas‎
Origin:In February 2016, a rumor began to spread that iPhones and iPads contain a nifty Easter egg: If you set the date of your Apple product to 1 January 1970 then reboot, it will bring up a retro-themed menu based on the old Apple computer operating ...

How these communist-era Apple II clones helped shape central ...

ZDNet - ‎hace 13 horas‎
The keyboard of a Romanian HC-91 -- the first computer used by many of today's Eastern European tech stars. Image: Andrada Fiscutean.

Babu is old typewriter, Jagan is high-speed Apple computer: Roja

Sakshi Post - ‎hace 13 horas‎
Hyderabad: While lashing out at the ruling TDP in Andhra Pradesh, YSRCP MLA RK Roja said chief minister Chandrababu Naidu was playing all dirty gimmicks to divert the people's attention from his government's poor performance.

Apple Invents a Next-Generation 3D 'Sessionless Pointing User ...

Patently Apple - ‎11 feb. 2016‎
Apple's invention covers a method including receiving, by a computer, a sequence of three-dimensional maps containing at least a hand of a user of the computer, identifying, in the maps, a device coupled to the computer, analyzing the maps to detect a ...

7 signs Apple TV is changing television

Computerworld - ‎10 feb. 2016‎
South Asia's largest OTT TV provider, YuppTV's recently released Apple TV app offers live and catch-up television, thousands of on-demand Bollywood movies and local sports.

Apple Bye Bye

Huffington Post - ‎9 feb. 2016‎
2016-02-08-1454929418-9951313-myfallenknight.JPG I was clumsy, and I spilled some beer on the keyboard of my Mac Air laptop, bought July 9, 2014.

The Worst Super Bowl Ad of All Time Is Smug, Creepy, and Illogical ...

Slate Magazine - ‎4 feb. 2016‎
In 1984, Apple changed the Super Bowl forever. The computer manufacturer enlivened a dismal game between the Los Angeles Raiders and Washington with a commercial that was unlike any Super Bowl commercial that had ever been aired.

Law firm searches for plaintiffs for class action suit against Apple ...

Computerworld - ‎9 feb. 2016‎
... is "bricked," or rendered unusable. The error is triggered when users update/upgrade to a new version of iOS -- some reports have attributed it to iOS 9, but reports of the problem precede iOS 9's release -- when connected to a personal computer ...

10 improvements in Apple's latest iOS, OS X betas

Computerworld - ‎9 feb. 2016‎
We've all gotten used to using Siri to get things done with Apple TV, but the latest version of tvOS adds dictation to the mix.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak presents Silicon Valley Comic Con

CBC.ca - ‎11 feb. 2016‎
"He became more of the businessman taking the world forward with things like the Apple computer." Although Apple hasn't introduced another hit product since Jobs' death, Wozniak doesn't believe the company has lost the "innovation magic" that hatched ...

The evidence is clear: Apple's next big thing will be virtual reality

Business Insider - ‎7 feb. 2016‎
FlyBy Media, a company that had previously worked with both Google and Apple on computer vision, a technology closely linked to augmented and virtual reality.

Demandan a Apple por el Error 53 del iPhone 6 y 6 Plus

iPhone Digital (blog) - ‎9 feb. 2016‎
Demandan a Apple por el Error 53 en iPhone 6 y 6 Plus, está a un paso más cerca de vérselas cara a cara con el juez. Un grupo de usuarios tras quedarse con el iPhone inservible, han decidido demandar a Apple, ya que intentaron que otro operador lo ...

Primera aplicación de vídeo P2P en streaming para iOS tvOS

iPhone Digital (blog) - ‎11 feb. 2016‎
BitTorrent ha lanzado OTT News una aplicación de streaming para iOS y Apple TV (ver vídeos online sin descargarlos previamente). Lo más importante de esta app de .... En ese momento se fundó Apple Computer. El Apple II se puso a la venta en 1977 y ...

Peter Neumeister's broken Apple wall adapter caused an electric ...

Sydney Morning Herald - ‎2 feb. 2016‎
A cheque from Apple Computer Australia Pty Ltd dated 11 October 2006 reimbursed Ms Cook for the cost of a replacement powerboard and adapter, and an electrician's fee, totalling $218.91.

Steven Brewer on Apple and Ireland's first mobile networks

Siliconrepublic.com - ‎hace 9 horas‎
After convincing Jobs to give them the first distributorship for Apple Computer in the UK, the Brewer brothers built up a thriving computer business that at its zenith had a turnover of over £20m.

6 Apple services Tim Cook could bring to Android

Computerworld - ‎5 feb. 2016‎
Apple has even bigger plans for Android, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, hinted in a Town Hall meeting with employees last night, so what services might it bring to Android in future?

Apple open sources Swift benchmark suite

Computer Business Review - ‎9 feb. 2016‎
Apple is encouraging developers to run Swift's benchmark suite against their changes before asking for pull requests in order to catch potential performance regressions.

Hyderabad set to bite Apple

Business Standard - ‎11 feb. 2016‎
Apple Computer, Inc, the US multinational, could set up a large technology development centre in Hyderabad by July this year.

Weltexklusiv: Entwürfe zur Virtual-Reality-Brille von Apple aufgetaucht

COMPUTER BILD - ‎5 feb. 2016‎
Sogar erste Prototypen soll es bereits geben. 3D-Designer Martin Hajek und COMPUTER BILD haben sich deshalb wieder zusammengetan und erste Gedanken zum neuen Apple-Produkt gemacht. Herausgekommen sind–weltexklusive und spektakuläre ...

Stephen Brewer interview: 'I was on the board of Apple when I was a ...

Siliconrepublic.com - ‎hace 9 horas‎
Brewer and his late brother Michael also played a part in kickstarting the personal computer revolution by showing the entrepreneurial chutzpah and zeal that saw the first Apple computers arrive in Europe in the late 1970s and early 1980s. In Ireland ...